q4 flash fiction

Our fourth quarterly flash fiction volume:

Table of contents:

Butterfly Eyes, by G. V. Anderson
, by Aaron J. Housholder
The Opposite of Trains
, by K.L. Owens
The Best Revenge Is To Forget
, by Joseph Giordano
A Cautionary Tale for Young Deities
, by Zach Lisabeth
Disappearing Act
, by Chelsea Hanna Cohen
, by E.N. Loizis
Was You Ever in the Navy?
, by Nick Boreham
Oil and Cherries
, by Nolan Liebert
You Can’t Lose Them All
, by Penn Javdan
Burn Me, Love
, by Alexis A. Hunter

With artwork by Luke Spooner at Carrion House.

art available for purchase at http://society6.com/freezeframefiction

order your ebook today: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B010QGICXY

Please check out our other three volumes, and consider purchasing the ebooks!

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