v2 flash fiction: YA

This is a special volume of freeze frame fiction: young adult flash fiction, with artwork by Kelsey Dean.

Table of contents:

Paradise City, by Teresa Bassett
We Did Not Die in the Night, by Ani King
Honk if You Love Jesus, by R.L. Black
The Dock, by John Rowntree
Rattleback, by Robert Dawson
Cabrio, by Emily Hoover
Things Beneath Our Feet, by H.L. Fullerton
Cradling the Dead, by Raven Jakubowski
Flying, by Valerie Hunter
Salvage, by Deborah Rocheleau
Not All Who Wander Are Lostby Sylvia Heike
Fragments of Youth, by Robb Dunn

More about the artist:

Kelsey Dean spends most of her spare time stringing words together and training her hands to draw the pictures in her head. Her work can be found in several publications, including 3Elements Review, Glint Literary Journal, Neutrons Protons, and Arsenic Lobster. You can view more of her creations here: http://kelseypaints.tumblr.com.

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