Download, by Anthony Gerrard


// A download.



On Error Do Disappear;


Procedure Clean_up

For each touched.item

                  Do Cloth_Wipe;



Procedure Disappear

Var location = Random.location;

Do Clean_up;

For each knife.item

                  Do Dispose;

Goto location;



Procedure At_Home

For each clothing.item

                  Do Burn;

For each knife.item

                  Do Dishwash;

Do Shower;



Procedure Prepare

Do Buy_Clothes;

Do Plan;

For each knife.item




Function Track_Victim(Person)

                   While (Time < “02:00:00”) AND Not (Person.Found)

                                    Do Drive_around;


Return Person.Found


Function Identify_Victim(People)

Var Risk = 100;

Var Victim = “None”;

For each People.person

                  If Risk > People.person.risk then

                                    Risk = People.person.risk;

                                    Victim =;

                  End if

Return Victim;



Procedure Attack_Victim(person)

While person.alive

                  Do person.cut;



While not (Me.caught)

Var Victim = “”; = Identify_Victim(People);

                  Do Prepare;

                  Victim.found = Track_Victim (;

                  If Victim.found then

                                    Do Attack_Victim (Victim_name)

                                    Do Clean_up;

                                    Do At-Home;

                  End if


Anthony Gerrard trained as a computer programmer many years ago but moved into teaching instead. Now he’s hoping to reinvent himself as a writer. It’s probably just a mid-life crisis but, so far, it’s been cheaper than buying a new car and getting a second wife.

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