v1 flash fiction: experimental

This is a special volume of freeze frame fiction: all flash fiction written in experimental forms.

With ebook cover art by Luke Spooner

Table of contents:

Conjugate “to be”, using complete sentences, by Ani King (presented in a 3×3 table)

Horses Not Included, by H.L. Fullerton (game instructions)

Lost, by R.L. Black (a triptych)

Word Problems, by Anna Zumbro (a math quiz)

Consumerism, by Alexander Sawyer-Irish (a story told through shopping receipts)

Database Maintenance: 2.d.iii. Update Queries, by Rae Kennedy (written in SQL)

Stained Glass Masquerade, by Charles Henke (an experiment with dialogue)

50 Fun Facts I Learned at the Zoo, by Cee Glass (a list)

Download, by Anthony Gerrard (a computer program)

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