guess who’s back!

UPDATE: We have moved submissions back to Submittable. Please see our updated guidelines for more details.

Hello faithful freeze frame fiction subscribers! Thanks for still being with us. After a long break, we are finally back and accepting submissions. The plan is to stick with the semi-annual schedule we adopted before our hiatus. We have switched to a new submission manager, but otherwise, not much has changed. We still want to read dense, interesting fiction. And we still want to pay you to publish it.

Tell us a complete story in 1000 words or less. Any genre. Any theme. Any content. Make it weird. Just make sure it’s a complete story, rather than a vignette or scene. Give it an actual ending and real, believable characters. Freak us out. Make us feel uncomfortable, or sad, or maybe even reassured.

Please check out our submission guidelines first:

Also, note the new submission manager:

We look forward to reading your writing, and publishing stories we love.

our experimental volume is live!

In case you haven’t heard, our first special issue is now live on the website! It’s nine stories, all told in experimental narrative forms.

There’s a lot of variety in this volume: from humorous to literary, from a math quiz to a story written in computer code—and even one told through shopping receipts! There’s something for everyone, so please stop by and read.

submission statistics!

Curious about submission statistics? These are as of 15-December, the end of the volume iii window. Total subs since joining Submittable: 752. This includes volumes i–iii, plus the experimental volume.

By status:

Submittable 16-Dec Status

By volume:

Submittable 16-Dec Category