We are currently in the process of buying and registering ISBNs so we can get our first volume listed on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, which will be really exciting.

This costs money, though, and we have very little. So if you want to help out:

All donations result in a free ebook. Monthly pledges on Patreon ( result in on-going ebooks as we release them. You can also make PayPal donations recur monthly; those will result in on-going ebooks, as well.

volume i now live!

Hey, guess what—it’s launch day!

Volume i flash fiction is available here:

Links to each piece are on that page. Alternatively, feel free to click directly to a piece from the dropdown menu above.

Thanks for stopping by! Please spread the word!

Also worth noting: we are now open for volume ii submissions! Visit our submittable site to send us your flash fiction:

preparing for launch day!

After receiving 270 flash fiction submissions, we’re officially on a break to finalise volume i. We will re-open on 1 July for volume ii submissions.

Speaking of 1 July—have you heard it’s launch day? Check out what we’ve accepted so far:

On Facebook? Take a look at our launch day event:
Join, share, and spread the word. We’re very excited!

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Submittable! ebooks! Cover art!

Some more updates:

We have now officially moved from email submissions to the wonderfully ubiquitous Submittable. To submit, you can click on the Submit link in the top menu, or visit our Submittable site at
As always, please read our submission guidelines prior to sending us anything.

ebooks have been added to our publication schedule! For dates and information, please click here.

We’re also happy to announce that we will be working with Luke Spooner at Carrion House for our ebook cover art. You can find him on Facebook or at his website.

Announcement about interior illustrations coming soon—stay tuned!

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